How Adri’s Kitchen made me love oats

The best part about staying at Mike’s Gym Marbella is Adri’s Kitchen! Adri(ana) is the gyms personal cook, and she absolutely knows what she’s doing.

During our first trip to the gym in December 2017, we needed some actually (warm) food at night. Luckily Adri was there for the event, and she made this delicious soup, which was filled with all the carbs, protein and salt one needed during a 24HR race. So when we decided to stay for the barbecue, we knew it would be good.

The thing is: I’m a picky eater and eating breakfast is a struggle for me. I love food, but just not everything or early in the morning. So, going to Mike’s Gym for a week and not having any say in what I would eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? It was hard. But there Adri was again, knowing what an athlete needs and how to prepare this perfectly.

It’s hard to describe what she kind of magic she uses, so I’ll show you some pictures of the food instead.


The first few days we had ‘regular’ food and not the camp meals. So each morning we would find this perfect little bowl with overnight oats in it. The first day was hard. I tried oats before, but the only way I can get those in my system is by grinding them and use them in my smoothie. Adri changed this. I love overnight oats now.


The lunch is great. Hot or cold, it’s just delicious. Just take a look for yourself.


Have you ever heard about pulled oats? Neither did I but boy are they delicious! Adri has shown me so many kinds of foods I thought I wouldn’t like, but really like now. Quinoa and couscous always seemed a bit off to me, but just wait until I will make my own salads with them.

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